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Fall 2020 season - COVID-19 Update

In order to help facilitate your son or daughters registration, during this time, we have decided to allow a payment plan.  


First installment due at time of registration for 100.00

Final payment auto drafted on 7/15.


Please reach out to parks and rec for scholarship Opportunity if you feel your family could use the benefit.   


Please read through all of this prior to registering.

All registrations will delete immediately without initial deposit.


Final payments will automatically be charged on 7/15



​Coaches: ​In order to successfully complete your background check you will need to upload your license.  It will be much easier to do this on your phone or tablet, although it can be done on a computer as well.


Players:In the past Wethersfield football data has been manually entered.  Some of it is accurate and some is not. Since this only our third year using a web registration system and much of our data is inaccurate, I anticipate some registration issues. One major issue would be children being listed as adults.  If you notice that your son or daughter is listed as the primary guardian please text, or call me Blink Lisella (860)966-0111. I can delete your member profile and you will be able to start from scratch. I promise to get to this in a timely fashion. I'm certain that if we work together we can make this first year of web registration very successful. 

A few tips...

If you are a new player, please click "create account"

The first step will be creating a password via a link sent to your email (this if very fast) 

Once password is set, guardian data is first, and player data comes second.

You only need to select 'emails' on the guardian account.  If you put your email on the players profile you will get spammed...nobody wants that!


IF you are a returning player (any one who may have a email in our system for any reason) Enter the email you think we have on file, and click 'forgot password'

This will reset your password through that email account. Once your password is reset, login and check the data we have on file is accurate.  If it isn't accurate...text or call Blaik (860)966-0111.  Please write that down now so you have it.  The town will not be able to help, and will redirect you to me.

Thank you for reading through all of that, and thank you in advance for working through the possible kinks.  I'm confident this is going to be a great upgrade for our club.

-Blaik Lisella (860)966-0111

Fall 2020 Tackle Football


Mighty Mites

  • Players must be at least 7 years old by 12/31 of the playing year (2019) and can not turn nine prior to 12/31 of the playing year.
  • The maximum weight shall be one hundred ten (115) pounds at game time

C Squad

  • Players must be 10 years of age, or under, as of 12/31 of the playing year (2019)
  • The maximum weight shall be one hundred and thirty (135) pounds at game time.

B Squad

  • Players must be 12 years of age or under, as of 12/31 of the playing year (2019)
  • The maximum weight shall be one hundred and fifty five (161) pounds at game time.

A Squad 

  • Players must be 14 years of age, or under, as of 12/31 of the playing year (2019) and my not be enrolled in High School.
  • The maximum weight shall be one hundred and eighty (197) pounds at game time. No player shall be allowed to play outside of these weights. 

Base Cost: $235.00

Opened: 03/05/2020

Open to: Boys & Girls

In Grades: 3 to 6 for 2020-21 School year

79 registrations

Fall 2020 Cheer

Cheer is an exciting way to teach the young athletes involved in our program how to work together to reach a common goal.  Most importantly, we want to have FUN!
All teams begin practice on or right after August 1st.  All games are played on Sunday, beginning in September.  Times and locations vary.  

Base Cost: $150.00

Opened: 03/05/2020

Open to: Boys & Girls
born between: 12/31/2005 and 12/31/2013

30 registrations

Coaches 2020

To Coach for Wethersfield Foodball and Cheer you are required to complete a background check.  Please register here to do so.  You will need a license, and it may be eaiser to upload from your phone or tablet.  It can be done on a computer as well.

Opened: 01/12/2020
Closes: 09/30/2020

Open to: Men & Women