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Bills - Week of 9/27 (resending)
by posted 09/28/2021

Quick thoughts:

The team and kids are showing improvement across the board. We played a very good team and held our own.  Each week we will get better.

The defense has been strong and the kids have been in position 90% of the time which has is key.  Part of this success is having the kids play the same positions for the most part so they are able to focus on improving their responsibilities.  

The offense side made some improvements this week and we will continue to work on execution of the plays.  This side is a little more challenging as to distribute the ball around we really need the kids to learn multiple positions. 

  • We are continuing to work on simplification of the plays and positions but we really have 4 basic plays - Run right/left with the RB, Jetsweep with the slotback, QB run, Pass (working on simplifying some routes). 
  • Everyone had a chance to get the ball last game and the most touches someone got was 3 on offense. 
  • Once we get more comfortable with the plays and execution will translate into comfortable of the kids making plays
  • Also QB is the hardest position to learn and is mostly focused on orchestration of the plays - We would love to give everyone a chance although am only going to work with 3 QBs this year.  The more repetitions they have the better they can drive the team.


My overall goal this year is to give the kids a chance to participant, focus on sportsmanship, be a teammate, continue to learn football, and most importantly have FUN!


I have been enjoying this year and hope your kids are as well.  Thank you to Coach Pete and Brian for helping out.



This Week

  • Wednesday 9/29  5 - 6:30pm - Practice (rescheduled from Tuesday 9/28)
  • Thursday 9/30  5 - 6:30pm - Practice
  • Saturday 10/2  - 10:45 am - 11:45 am (Warm-ups start at 10:30) -Game against Pats - BLUE JERSEYS

Next Week

  • Tuesday 10/ 5 - 6:30pm - Practice
  • Thursday 10/7 - 5 - 6:30pm - Practice
  • Saturday 10/9 – Game Day / Picture Day - Game against Chargers - WHITE JERSEYS


  • Week of 10/11 - we will be having 2 games a week going forward.
    • ​10/13 - 5:30 - 6:30pm - Falcons - BLUE JERSEYS
    • 10/16 - 10:45am - 11:45am - Pats - BLUE JERSEYS

The website will have all the information.


Rules – I wanted to share some key rules for the parents as you watch and feel free to reinforcement with your son/daughter

·       A player must run the ball at a minimum of one (1) play every game. A run consists of the following:

o   Midget - A player can’t have 3 touches in the game before every other player has had one touch

o   A player’s flag is pulled.

o   A player runs out of bounds.

o   A touchdown or extra point is scored.

o   *** For ALL Divisions - No player will run the ball consecutively unless it is the quarterback and the play was a running play with a missed handoff.

·       Spinning is allowed, but players cannot leave their feet to avoid a defensive player.

·       Play is ruled “dead” when:

o   Ball carrier’s flag is pulled

o   Ball carrier steps out of bounds

o   Touchdown or safety is scored

o   Ball carrier’s knee hits the ground

o   Ball carrier’s flag falls out

·       Runner cannot flag guard – preventing an opponent from deflagging

·       Runner cannot jump

·       Players cannot dive

·       Defense - Players shall not:

o   Punch, strike, strip, steal, or attempt to steal the ball from a player in possession.

o   Trip an opponent.

o   Contact an opponent who is on the ground.

o   Throw the runner to the ground.

o   Hurdle another player.

o   Contact an opponent either before or after the ball is declared dead.

o   Make any contact with an opponent that is deemed unnecessary.

o   Deliberately drive or run into a defensive player. (blocking)

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Asst Coach 
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